Supported terminals

   Wireless Dev Studio handles all GSM, GPRS, HSCSD and UMTS modems that are strictly compliant with the ETSI and 3GPP standards. The following is the list of all the tested and fully supported terminals:

  • Siemens MC55i
  • Siemens MC35 / MC35i
  • Siemens TC35 / TC35i
  • Wavecom FastTrack (Wismo core)
  • SonyEricsson GM29 / GM48
  • Falcom A2D-1 / A2D-3 / A2D-3JP3 (with GPS core)
  • Falcom TWIST Set GPRS
  • Falcom Samba 55
  • Falcom Samba 75
  • Falcom Samba 3G
  • Telit GM862
  • Telit Trizium
  • Audiotel Modex GPRS (USB)
  • Audiotel GSM Industrial Base

   Note: STATUS-REPORTs ("delivery reports") can be really and reliably handled by those devices equipped with the following cores: Siemens (TC35i, MC35i, Falcom TWIST, Modex), Telit.
   The GSM data calls are supported only by Siemens, SonyEricsson, Telit and Audiotel terminals.

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