The Company

   Net Sphaera is a software house working in the field of ICT. Its main applications are solutions for communication. Net Sphaera developed a significant skill in the automatic handling of SMS messages and is a reliable partner for the firms who need solutions based on sending, receiving and interpreting messages. We use solutions of our own (that is, developed by us) and not third party ones and this is one of our advantages: all of our SMS handling services are realized with "home-made" software, of which we know the structure, the potentiality, the advantages. The consequences are the lowering of the costs, versatility, flexibility and scalability of the products, easy tailoring to the real needs of any customer, improved security and reliability, better handling and rapid resolution of any problems.

   The development work we did till now, allows us to create in short time any personalized service or product based on the exchange of SMS or of any information through the GSM/GPRS net.