Application fields

   With Wireless Dev Studio, any developer can easily set up Short Message System-based applications. Some examples are:

  • "Batch" sending of SMS messages to list of addressees (for instance, for ad or informational services).
  • Bilateral communication systems among two subjects: a company can communicate with its agents via SMS and can also automatically handle the reply, still sent via SMS. Another company can tell its customers about the availability of a given product or the dispatch date of a parcel.
  • Pull information systems: one sends a certain phone number an SMS message containing a predefined keyword, identifying a certain kind of information, and the system replies sending back the required info. Even a single ring could "trigger" the forwarding of some information.
  • SMS surveys: with Wireless Dev Studio an application can receive messages and process the info contained, such to work out statistical reports.
  • SMS contests: a competitor sends a given phone number an SMS message and is informed in real time about whether he/she winned a prize.
  • Alert services via SMS: an application monitors the servers at some ISP's farm and sends the tech staff some "alert" SMS on service failure.
  • Remote control systems: to monitor some remote metering stations equipped with a GSM terminal, to turn on remote devices by means of a message.
  • Vehicle tracking: in order to set up a vehicle tracking system, a GPS/GSM device can be installed on each vehicle that sends an operations centre, via SMS (or via GSM data calls), the vehicle coordinates.
  • Call center and systems for handling voice calls: it is possible to implement applications able to handle all incoming and outgoing calls with the functions and features for the management of voice calls.
  • Chat and mail service via SMS