Why choose Wireless Dev Studio

   Maximum reliability and optimal performance for your application.
   Wireless Dev Studio was written in C (the "base" library) and C++ (the ActiveX "wrapper") languages. This, together with the native use of PDU mode, thoroughly optimizes the overall performance.

   Flexibility and versatility
   Thanks to the native support for the most important terminal models and thanks to the "configurability" feature that allows you to tune Wireless Dev Studio behaviour also for use with unknown devices, you can use the DLL potentially with all terminals. "Potentially" just since we cannot foresee the evolution of GSM terminals market. Anyhow, Net Sphaera periodically releases the configuration files needed to support new terminals. You won't risk you cannot deploy your application just since a terminal gets obsoleted. Instead, you'll have the opportunity of deploying your app together with newer and newer, more reliable and - possibly - cheaper terminals.

   Net Sphaera works in the SMS market since 2001. We developed several products and services based on our own SMS and terminal-handling technology. Thanks to our experience we can offer our customers a product with excellent field-test results, even in critical conditions (up to 20,000 SMS a day per each terminal).

   You can count on a very detailed documentation supplied with source code examples. We also offer you a "trouble ticketing" support policy to make you get in touch with our tech staff.